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Insertion, Removal and Inversion Operations on Binary (Search) Trees in PHP

Exploration into Binary (Search) Trees and implementing common-place operations using PHP

Managing Jenkins Project Builds and Configuration using PHP

Using PHP to manage Jenkins Project Builds and Configuration via the command-line

Optional Value Control-flows in PHP using Traits and Magic-methods

Exploring optional value control-flows using multiple PHP features

Partial Application (Currying) and Composition using JavaScript ES6

Expressing Partial Application, Currying and Composition in a succinct manner using ES2015

Simplify Git commit fixes using fixup and auto-squash

Use fixup and auto-squash commands to manage 'fix' commits in Git

Implementing Streams in PHP

Multiple ways of implementing the Stream data-structure using PHP

Cons Lists and Folds in PHP

Looking into implementing Cons cell Lists and Fold operations in PHP

The Internals of Git

Delving into how Git internally represents project history.

Reversing a Unicode String in PHP using UTF-16BE/LE

Explaining how to reverse a Unicode String using UTF-16 and Endianness in PHP.