Edd Mann Developer

Small RPN Implementation in JavaScript

This morning I decided to quickly write up a small reverse polish notation evaluator in JavaScript. Evaluation of these expressions highlights the perfect use case for a stack based approach.

Insertion, Removal and Inversion Operations on Binary (Search) Trees in PHP

Recently Max Howell (creator of Homebrew) posted an interesting tweet in regard to Google’s interview process. In this tweet he mentioned how one of the proposed questions was to white-board a solution to invert a binary tree. Over the past couple of years I have been interested in exploring fundamental Computer Science data-structures and algorithms. As a result, I thought it would be interesting to explore this structure and associated operations in more depth - using immutable and mutable PHP implementations to clearly highlight the benefits garnered from each approach.

Managing Jenkins Project Builds and Configuration using PHP

Throughout project development we use Jenkins to provide meaningful test feedback on each Git push event. These builds are required for a sufficient amount of confidence to be gained for merging into master and subsequently deployment. Each member of the team has their own project which they manage with the current project/branch they are working on. However, typically we find ourselves working on multiple branches throughout the day, and it can become cumbersome to update the projects configuration.