Edd Mann Developer

Creating a 'Winning' Audio Lambda Service using Serverless, Polly and compiled SOX

Following on from my previous post which discussed manipulating images, I would now like to expand upon this and look into how you can interact with audio using Lambda. To highlight this use-case we will be creating a simple service which given a name and optional voice (provided by Polly), will synthesise the name and include it in a returned ‘And the winner is…’ applause MP3 file. This will demonstrate how to integrate Polly within Lambda, compile and execute native-code within Lambda and return a binary MP3 file to the client.

'Memes as a Service' using Lambda, Serverless and ImageMagick

I’ve recently been getting really interested in the concept of Functions as a Service (FaaS) and the Serverless Framework. I decided to make a little experimental AWS Lambda, to see how I could use it to manipulate images. For this contrived example I came up with the (silly) idea of ‘Memes as a Service’ (everything needs to be a service nowadays).

Scheduling EC2 Instances using Lambda and CloudWatch Events

Over the past couple of months MyBuilder has be transitioning from primarily a dedicated server-stack (with orchestration through Puppet) to cloud infrastructure by-way of Amazon Web Services. We have been a proponent of AWS for quite some time, taking advantage of services such as S3 and CloudFront in our current setup. We are also not unfamiliar with EC2, spreading some of our application requirements onto several instances over the past couple of years. However, we really have not been taking full advantage of the ‘Cloud nature’ of the product, and still treating each server as something in-between a Snowflake and Phoenix.

Using Homebrew to Manage Project Development Scripts

When a project becomes sufficiently large in size you will undoubtedly encounter the need to simplify certain tasks, such as managing external dependencies or configuring environment parameters. Within the MyBuilder code-base we have required these kinds of processes for some time.

Handling Retries and Back-off Attempts with JavaScript Promises

Promises are an invaluable abstraction around ‘eventual’ results within asynchronous operations. I recently had the need to be able to retry a Promise-based action in the event of a failure. It turned out to be very easy to implement such a process using simple recursive constructs.