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Cartesian Product in JavaScript

This weekend I have had the chance to explore Cartesian products. The Cartesian product (cross-product) is essentially an operation which returns a product set from multiple supplied sets.

Implementing Classical Inheritance in JavaScript

Developers who are well versed in class-based languages such as Java and C++ may find JavaScript’s prototypical and in my heart true object-oriented nature confusing. With the addition of the class keyword in ES6 it has become extremely easy to crossover these class-based principles into JavaScript. However, it should be noted that this is nothing more than syntactic sugar over an extremely expressive and flexible language construct.

How the 'new' keyword works in JavaScript

The new keyword in JavaScript can sometimes slip up new and experienced programmers alike. We typically associate this word with Classical-based Object-oriented languages (such as Java etc.), where as in JavaScript it works a little different.

Implementing the Shunting Yard algorithm in JavaScript

Following on from my recent post on implementing a small RPN parser using JavaScript, we can expand on this by handling infix expressions. This can be achieved by initially parsing the expression into its postfix (RPN) counterpart, highlighting another use case where a stack based approach works well.