edd mann

I make stuff for the web and occasionally ramble about it here.

Reversing a Unicode String in PHP using UTF-16BE/LE

Explaining how to reverse a Unicode String using UTF-16 and Endianness in PHP.

Reversing a String in PHP

Interesting ways to reverse a string in PHP.

Tuples in PHP

Experimenting with a Tuple (optionally typed) implementation in PHP.

Storing PHP Sessions/File Caches in Memory using TMPFS

Using TMPFS to store non-persistent files on a memory partition.

Implementing ROT13 and ROT(n) Caesar Ciphers in Python

Multiple implementations to encode and decode Caesar Cipher based messages.

Securing Sessions in PHP

Creating a secure Session handler class in PHP, using collated best-practices.

Functional Quick sort in Scala and JavaScript

Implementing Quick sort in a functional manner, using Scala and JavaScript.

Self-Signed SSL Certificates with Nginx and Apache

Creating and configuring self-signed certificates with Nginx and Apache.

The Y (Fixed-Point) Combinator in PHP

An introduction to the Y-combinator, using PHP.