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I make stuff for the web and occasionally ramble about it here.

Implementing Streams in PHP

Multiple ways of implementing the Stream data-structure using PHP

Cons Lists and Folds in PHP

Looking into implementing Cons cell Lists and Fold operations in PHP

The Internals of Git

Delving into how Git internally represents project history.

Reversing a Unicode String in PHP using UTF-16BE/LE

Explaining how to reverse a Unicode String using UTF-16 and Endianness in PHP.

Reversing a String in PHP

Interesting ways to reverse a string in PHP.

Tuples in PHP

Experimenting with a Tuple (optionally typed) implementation in PHP.

Storing PHP Sessions/File Caches in Memory using TMPFS

Using TMPFS to store non-persistent files on a memory partition.

Implementing ROT13 and ROT(n) Caesar Ciphers in Python

Multiple implementations to encode and decode Caesar Cipher based messages.

Securing Sessions in PHP

Creating a secure Session handler class in PHP, using collated best-practices.