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Asynchronous Calls within Flux

The Flux architecture abides by a single unidirectional data-flow throughout the entire application. This provides us with a host of benefits, ranging from easier to reason about code, to clearer testing strategies. However, one issue we faced in our recently updated interface tradesmen use to communicate with customers, was how to handle asynchronous calls within these constraints. Throughout this post I wish to guide you through the iterative design decisions made, along with the resulting abstractions and boundaries.

Cartesian Product in JavaScript

This weekend I have had the chance to explore Cartesian products. The Cartesian product (cross-product) is essentially an operation which returns a product set from multiple supplied sets.

Implementing Classical Inheritance in JavaScript

Developers who are well versed in class-based languages such as Java and C++ may find JavaScript’s prototypical and in my heart true object-oriented nature confusing. With the addition of the class keyword in ES6 it has become extremely easy to crossover these class-based principles into JavaScript. However, it should be noted that this is nothing more than syntactic sugar over an extremely expressive and flexible language construct.