Edd Mann Developer

Building a Flag Guessing Game using React Hooks

Since React Hooks were announced last autumn I’ve been looking at ways to experiment with them in a couple of small side-projects. In this post we will create a simple flag guessing game (called Fun with Flags) leveraging Create React App, Styled Components and React Hooks. Along the way we will highlight use-cases for several different hooks such as State, Effect and Memoization. Finally, we will automate the process of publishing the compiled game to GitHub Pages.

Creating a Time-lapse Camera with HypriotOS/Docker using a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Raspberry Pi Zero W

I have recently started a project that requires the ability to create a time-lapse video over a set duration. Looking at all the possible ways of achieving this I felt that a Raspberry Pi would be well suited for the job. In this post I will discuss how I went about setting up both a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and Raspberry Pi Zero W with HypriotOS to run a Docker-based time-lapse camera Node application.

Allocating Secret Santas with a Substitution Cipher using Clojure

Over Christmas I found myself delving back into a bit of Clojure, one such problem I stumbled upon solving was allocating Secret Santas. In this post I will discuss how I went about grouping a given list of names based on certain criteria, and then correctly pairing up each person. From here, I will then highlight how I expanded upon the solution to allow these allocations to be distributed, hidden from prying eyes with a simple ROT13 substitution cipher.