Edd Mann Developer

Implementing a Cancelable Promise in JavaScript

I recently was working on a React component which complained about its state being set when it was not mounted. This was due to a uncompleted promise being resolved when the component had since been unmounted. To solve this issue I was able to use the concept of a cancelable promise which would be canceled before the component was unmounted.

const cancelable = (promise) => {
  let hasCancelled = false;

  return {
    promise: promise.then(v => {
      if (hasCancelled) {
        throw { isCancelled: true };

      return v;
    cancel: () => hasCancelled = true

With the above implementation we are now able to produce some contrived examples to highlight its use.

const log = console.log.bind(console);

const delayed = (v, t) =>
  cancelable(new Promise((res, _) => setTimeout(res, t, v)));

const x = delayed('foo', 500);
setTimeout(() => x.cancel(), 250);

x.promise.then(log).catch(log); // { isCancelled: true }

const y = delayed('bar', 250);
y.promise.then(log).catch(log); // bar